controlling emotion

its been so long after my last post in this blog...many things came up since then...studies, quizzes, assignments, PTPTN problems..argghh!!love matters...well..i've learned something new..a friend of mine taught me a lot. Im not good in dealing with emotions. terlalu ikutkan perasaan..therefore, i took an inisiatif to improve mine so-called "emotions". I come across some website and here what i found..

Practical steps for controlling your emotions

1) controlling your self talk

2) whenever you have a certain emotion try to control it don't allow it to grow because giving up to the emotion will only result in loss of control

3) Every time you practice emotional control it will become easier so train everyday

If you succeeded in controlling your emotions you will take more rational decisions, you will communicate with people in a more effective way and you will become happier. Lots of people know how to communicate effectively but they fail to do it because they lack the ability to control their emotions.

well..i'm a fast learner..haha..diz helps me a lot!


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